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Impact with Head,
and Soul.


Our Mission
To transform education and connect it seamlessly with employment.
We provide innovative solutions to com
bat the global talent shortage, forging a brighter and more resilient global workforce.

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Turnkey AI products in Education and 

Turnkey AI products in Education and 

Turnkey AI products in Education and 

International team of managed on demand  AI and Data professionals.

Custom AI solutions for all your needs in Education and HR space. 

Our Story

Combining technology and business expertise to create AI solutions that solve real-world problems effectively and innovatively.

Our Vision

Empowering society through AI-driven solutions in education, healthcare, and wellness for a positive transformation.

Our Strengths 

"Integrated problem-solving, client-focused service, powered by a robust and diverse team of experts."

Who are we

Dries Krens


Dries is a Dutch entrepreneur and the founder of Mindkoro. With a proven track record of over 25 years in IT, management consulting, and setting up different companies he is still looking for new opportunities and areas to explore. His early fascination with the possibilities of AI moved him to bring this technology to solve significant problems, which really makes a difference. Outside the office, Dries is passionate about playing football, padel, and enjoying life to the fullest with his friends and family.

Founder and CEO

Digvijay Rana

Co Founder and CTO

Digvijay is a Data Scientist turned entrepreneur. After his successful exit from his previous venture, he is excited to create more impact by solving problems using AI and data science. He strongly believes in the potential of AI, while understanding the importance of right processes and people in delivering end to end value in any AI project. Outside work, Digvijay is an avid traveller and reader. He never misses an opportunity to climb a hill or read a book. 


Revolutionize industries using AI-driven solutions. Enhance learning with adaptive technology and expedite hiring through smart recruitment systems. Seamlessly bridge skill gaps for a more empowered workforce.

Elevate your e-learning. Integrate AI effortlessly to craft an adaptive, hyper-personalized learning portal. Watch as it swiftly aligns with each learner's patterns, supercharging effectiveness and speed. Unleash tailored, efficient education like never before.

Step into sophisticated recruitment with our AI marvel. Beyond resumes, it aligns skills flawlessly. Tailoring bespoke assessments, it epitomizes refined, swift hiring, redefining talent acquisition with grace.


Elevating Excellence by Uniting Tech Expertise, Business Insight, and Global Talent

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Expert IT

MindKoro offers seamless talent acquisition and management services, handling scouting, hiring, and ensuring smooth integration with dedicated project managers. Experience access to top-tier talent on demand without overhead of hiring while enjoying significant cost savings of at least 30%.

AI and Data Science solutions 

MindKoro pioneers end-to-end AI projects through strategic partnerships.We thoroughly understand your business, offer customized solutions, and bring them to life, driving tangible outcomes. With our deep expertise in advanced analytics and business, we provide valuable insights and fuel exponential growth for your organization.

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